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It's a bit of a pain having to create a list of answers and then manually randomize them, especially if you're creating very long lists. This utility quickly randomizes multiple choice answers. To use, paste in a list (each item must be on its own line) in the second input field. The first input field can be used for the question. You might prefer to have the question and answer generated together. If not, leave the question field blank. If you wish the utility to automatically letter the randomized list, enable the checkbox. This will letter your answers a. b. c.... If the lists is longer than 26 items, it will use double letters: aa. bb. cc. etc. If you are creating answer lists with more than 52 items, well, you're really a mean teacher. Leave the checkbox unchecked if you'll use, say, Word's built in numbering/lettering function.

Click Sort when you're ready.

To import the output into your document, simply highlight the output, copy, and then paste into Word or your word processor of choice.

Enter the question or leave it blank

Enter answers you wish shuffled

Add lettering a. b. c. etc. (auto letters from a-z + aa-zz ... don't select for lists longer than 52 items)



If you wish to randomize more than one question, try the batch mode.









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