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(Karl's real photo)

Karl has been teaching in Northern Seoul since December 2003. He's re-signed with the same school three times. They don't get on his ass about much and their checks clear every month.

Karl came to Korea as a dot.com refugee. He's taking a "little" break from the software world. Karl worked for a dot.com in Seattle that once had a bigger market value than the combined GDP of any three Central African nations you care to mention. Before the NASDAQ crashed, he was a paper dot.com millionaire. Previous to his dot.com experience, Karl was a computer entertainment columnist for a major Canadian daily newspaper and authored four non-fiction books about the Internet. He's written for the CBC, Toronto's Eye Magazine, the Washington Post Syndicate.

Karl has a BA in Psychology with an emphasis on Child Psychology. He was born in 1966 and remembers the moon landings.


(Not John's real photo)


John is teaching at an "English Disney World", a sort of immersion camp/language gulag. ("If you're found using a noun without an article or eating anything not on the menu at Denny's, it's four days in the box!") He came to Korea in June 2006 and is still learning the ropes.

Previous to ESL teaching, John was a journalist with the US Navy. He served his country for 25 years, doing everything from print journalism to a stint as a morning AFN radio DJ.

John was born in Florida and has lived in Southern California, Maine, Greece, and he's been stationed in Okinawa with the navy.

John has a degree in Liberal Arts. He was born in 1961 and cannot at all recall the Cuban Missile Crisis.


(Not Jennifer's real photo)


Jennifer is in her 30s but refuses to say more. She has a BA in Sociology from a university in Louisiana that does not exist anymore. Jennifer was in the US Army for three years. She was a Korean language specialist. She didn't start out to be that way. After an aptitude test, the Army determined since she could hold two mutually incompatible ideas in her head, she was perfect for Korea.

Jennifer has been teaching in Korea since the late '90s. That's pre bit.torrent time, kids. We're talking serious, serious hardship duty.

Jennifer is head teacher at a school for advanced English learners in Bundang. When she is not teaching or doing the podcast, she is Vice President of KOTESOL: an organization for ESL teachers in Korea and they do some stuff.


Past Cohosts



(Not Pam's real photo)

Pam is 24 and hails from a small town near San Diego, California. She has a BA in English and Art from the University Of California-Santa Barbara. Pam has only ever lived a life of summer and has never seen snow previous to her life in California. Her first surprise was how cold hands can get.

Pam shares the same birthday as Johnny Cash. She is exactly 50 years younger than the Man in Black.

She teaches "wee ones" and beaten down middle schoolers at a hagwon in Mokdong, a western burb in Seoul. She has been here since May 2006. She found her job via Craigslist.

Previous to teaching in Korea, Pam used to teach boy scouts how to rappel. Pam is your best friend if your building suddenly catches on fire and you have a length of rope kicking around.


(Not Sarah's real photo)


Sarah currently teaches kindergarten in Bundang. Previously she taught for an elite pottery school in Ichon.

Sarah hails from Orlando, Florida and has actually worked at the Magic Kingdom in a wide variety of roles.

Sarah has an MS in Communications and has been teaching in Korea for three years. She was born in 1977 and has only known a world with Banana Milk and Star Wars.

Sarah was a Seoul Survivor for podcast 1-9. Unfortunately, a schedule change robbed her of the time necessary to devote to a podcast.





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