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Seoul Survivors 60

16 Oct 2016

10th anniversary show. Where are they now? Interview with original cohost Sarah Neal.

Seoul Survivors 59 Part 3

18 Feb 2008

Last show. Departing thoughts.

Seoul Survivors 59 Part 2

18 Feb 2008

Last show. Departing thoughts.

Seoul Survivors 59 Part 1

18 Feb 2008

Last show. Departing thoughts.

Seoul Survivors 58

11 Feb 2008

Why are they looking at me like that?

Seoul Survivors 57

4 Feb 2008

Korean weddings.

Seoul Survivors 56

28 Jan 2008

Just learn hangul.

Seoul Survivors 55

21 Jan 2008

Staying legal.

Seoul Survivors 54

14 Jan 2008

What super power would serve you best in Korea?

Seoul Survivors 53

14 Dec 2007

Best and worst of Korea.

Seoul Survivors 52

02 Dec 2007

Things you need to get on your schools ass about.

Seoul Survivors 51

21 Nov 2007

Same but different.

Seoul Survivors 50

15 Nov 2007

Korean holidays.

Seoul Survivors 49

09 Nov 2007

Things you can buy in Korea now.

Seoul Survivors 48

29 Oct 2007

Rosa is back from the country. Christopher Neil.

Seoul Survivors 47

18 Oct 2007

Personal bias that can ruin your time here.

Seoul Survivors 46

09 Oct 2007

Things that are cheaper and more expensive in Korea.

Seoul Survivors 45

05 Oct 2007

Rosa and her rose colored glasses.

Seoul Survivors 44

19 Sep 2007

Pinching a dime. How to cut corners to save money.

Seoul Survivors 43

14 Sep 2007

Great time for coffee lovers.

Seoul Survivors 42

04 Sep 2007

Rosa is here.

Seoul Survivors 41

11 Aug 2007

The sun is finally out. Weird summer hagwons.

Seoul Survivors 40

07 Aug 2007

Karl investigates Lotte World.

Seoul Survivors 39

01 Aug 2007

New banking restrictions. Korean kids do the darndest things.

Seoul Survivors 38

23 Jul 2007

Making friends. Bumper crop o Engrish tshirts.

Seoul Survivors 37

11 Jul 2007

Good cans in Seoul. The worst job ad.

Seoul Survivors 36

03 Jul 2007

The rainy season. Gross talk. Do not listen to this while eating.

Seoul Survivors 35

27 Jun 2007

Special guest: Dani. Dani is a 21-year old Korean woman back in the motherland for a few weeks. It's been 8 years since she's set foot in Seoul. Seoul Survivors gets her impressions on how Seoul has changed.

Seoul Survivors 34

20 Jun 2007

Top tourist destinations to check out. Button batteries are dangerous.

Seoul Survivors 33

13 Jun 2007

More goofy fun things to do in Seoul. Where can a fella get a decent western brunch?

Seoul Survivors 32

06 Jun 2007

Animal abuse. This podcast could be upsetting.

Seoul Survivors 31

29 May 2007

You are being watched. How to be rude.

Seoul Survivors 30

22 May 2007

Want a summer camp job? Think again. Fire drill deaths.

Seoul Survivors 29

15 May 2007

Our uplifting show. Korean dads rock. Theory 5078 on why Koreans have poor English abilities.

Seoul Survivors 28

08 May 2007

The more things change in Korea, the more they actually change. Odd TV shows.

Seoul Survivors 27

30 Apr 2007

We deal with the Cho topic. Weird fears. More on fan death.

Seoul Survivors 26

17 Apr 2007

What we want to tell Korean mothers. Simple solutions to simple problems.

Seoul Survivors 25

10 Apr 2007

Common mistakes.

Seoul Survivors 24

01 Apr 2007

Not necessarily the tardcast. How to not scare the locals.

Seoul Survivors 23

27 Mar 2007

I'm Not American tshirts. How not to get crushed to death. How to avoid other whiteys.

Seoul Survivors 22

20 Mar 2007

Stay away from Wonju and middle aged men if you're with a female. Ajumma fight!

Seoul Survivors 21

13 Mar 2007

How Saturday morning cartoons help you learn Korean. Pizza made for women.

Seoul Survivors 20

05 Mar 2007

New cohost Jennifer. Getting professional teaching support in country. Is an ax handle really a teacher or customer service person's best friend?

Seoul Survivors 19

26 Feb 2007

Post Valentines and Solnal show. Chocolate talk. How to prank your kids. How to downsize your staff? Send them to North Korea.

Seoul Survivors 18

12 Feb 2007

Snack of the week: Samgak kimbap! Hooters opens in Korea. Meh. What to do with your teaching experience back at home.

Seoul Survivors 17

05 Feb 2007

Snack of the week: Jollypong! We know it as Sugar Smacks. The pimpest ride in Korea. You might be surprised. Controversy over the new money.

Seoul Survivors 16

30 Jan 2007

How to drink a cactus. Doug fills us in on lots of freaky foreigners. Karl just can't let the Tim Hortons bashing go.

Seoul Survivors 15

23 Jan 2007

Snack of the week: Lotte Harvest Crackers. Some cracker's letter to the ambassador. What we like about Korea.

Seoul Survivors 14

16 Jan 2007

Snack of the week: Gold Fish Bread. When Korean racists attack. Or at least do the pee pee dance. When your kids are packin' heat.

Seoul Survivors 13

10 Jan 2007

Our first show of the New Year, 2007. Year of the Pig. A fairly unstructured show. Andrew, a Yonsei Korean language student, drops in. Snack of the Week: Ace Crackers.


Seoul Survivors 12

27 Nov 2006

Our last show for 2006. We think we're Lost and can just book off for a month. Snack of the week: Nong Shim's Shrimp snack. What souvenirs to bring back to North America. Working nights, the good and the bad. Tear gassing is a thing of the past. Monthly government crack downs. Engrish tshirt finds: weird soap. The small things that bother us. You'll have to wait until next year to hear about the small things that delight us. Do you really need a pet in Korea?


Seoul Survivors 11

20 Nov 2006

Snack of the week: Choco pies. Snack of the Week has now cover the holy trinity of Korean snacking. Korea turns cold and our hands turn dry and we become human Tesla coils. Tip: ground yourself before coming anywhere near your USB port. How much money should you bring to Korea to cover yourself before your first pay check? Do you have an escape plan, either from a bad school situation or a burning school? Fire safety, or the lack thereof, in Korea. Pam reveals a unique talent. Hagwon black lists should be taken with a grain of salt. Be wary of the big chains, however. Stinky kids, hellions, and how to rehabilitate the nerd kids.


Seoul Survivors 10

13 Nov 2006

The sad loss of Sarah. New co-host Pam. It's like losing a Doctor Who companion :( A super extended edition of Seoul Survivors as Karl gets our gentle listeners up to speed on Pam. Snack of the week: Pepero. Of course. Watching TV in Korea and why Canadians get down on their knees and thank Xenu for the USA military hegemony. Korean weddings and Pam's first Engrish tshirt find. Korean birthday cakes are the most dangerous baked good in Asia. Teaching op in Mokdong, which is also Pam's 'hood. She gives you the skinny. More dissing on Canadian expats. Stop it with the Roots stuff, especially in Australia.

Part 1

Part 2

Seoul Survivors 9

7 Nov 2006

Post Halloween horror stories. Learn to do mind reading magic. Snack of the week: Korean chocolate bars. What does John eat on a daily basis? And why he passes on the free (free!) caf food. How to order wang mandoo properly. Engrish tshirt finds: Korean advertisers in need of a verb. The mysterious Korean plan to kick whitey out of public education and relieve parents of the cost of expensive hagwons. Games Korean kids like to play and classroom conflict resolution.

Part 1

Part 2

Seoul Survivors 8

31 Oct 2006

How to terrify your children over the Halloween. Snack of the week, a burnt marshmallow-like substance called bbob gi. Korean apartments aren't all like Sarah's voyeur paradise but quite livable. The bug nuttiest things we've seen in Korea and why a trip to the grocery store really gets the heart rate up. Korean trends: $5 pizza and black jeans. Public school jobs and why a too high salary is a warning sign. Why so many Canadians in Korea?


Seoul Survivors 7

23 Oct 2006

Sarah's return. Snack of the week: Deli Manjoo. Korean kids love those shiny American and Canadian pennies. Korean kids are the magpies of Asia. Gifts to bring for your kids and boss. Kim Jung You be Illin' was really just trying to ban Ban Ki Moon from the headlines. Actual Engrish tshirt finds. Don't they know how dirty some of those English phrases are? Names to avoid giving your students. Don't you know how dirty some of those English names sound to Koreans? Teaching at the university level. How not to mess up your application.


Seoul Survivors 6

17 Oct 2006

The Japanese Antipathy Show. Snack of the week: hoduk. Winning the hearts and minds of your Korean co-teachers. A restaurateur's best laid plans can be foiled when he discovers there is no such thing as Italian Viking Food. Problems with Korean mating rituals start early in life. Still more ugly teachers wanted. John returns to the show and the North gets nukes. Mere coincidence?


Seoul Survivors 5

3 Oct 2006

The email show. Karl solos during the week-long Chuseok holiday and answers some emails. Snack of the week is chestnuts. No, really. Should you buy a laptop in Korea or North America? Ugly teachers are truly wanted in Korea. How to find a good recruiter. More Korean kids do the darndest things.


Seoul Survivors 4

26 Sep 2006

The Anti-Canadian show and the hard-knock life of Korean Americans in the motherland. Chaebols bring everything good to life. And I mean everything. A Korean snacking miracle: rich donut goodness in one little bite-sized, generically named snack. Korean men and the podshow hosts who love them. And why Korea is not the white man's dating paradise. Get over yourself. Starbucks and the copycats who love them. Jobs for Korean Americans. The sad tale of Dexter, the Korean American manager who had to teach two arrogant Canadians how to wipe themselves and got no extra money for it.


Seoul Survivors 3

19 Sep 2006

Banana milk. Koreans can hack lactose. Just don't ask them to start putting cheese in soup. Keeping classroom control and the Korean Mom Mom Macoutes death squads. The Funny Mall and Engrish tshirt finds. Dr. Strange Kim Il Jung or how I learned to stop worrying about living in the Kill Box. Job opportunity of the week: Busan or bust! Korean kids do the darndest things and can hoist the finger like a Canadian politician.


Seoul Survivors 2

13 Sep 2006

What should you pack, not pack when you come to Korea? The Moustache Fighting League and Engrish Tshirt Finds! Korean movies and The Host is boffo box office. Teaching Opportunity of the Week. Freaky Foreigner Stories: Mr. Bubbles.



Seoul Survivors 1

08 Sep 2006

Introductions, Job Opportunity of the Week, Korean Kids Do the Darndest Things, Engrish Tshirts










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