Mar. 9th, 2008 07:23 pm Seoul Survivors: Podcast #58


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1) Introduction

Snack of the week

Tampon snack

3) Engrish Tshirt Finds

PP Girl


Sock famous

DD Dunkin Donuts

More Enlgish teachers on the way

Be lively your life with colors

Masai walking shoes

Malking shoes?

4) Korean Kids do the darndest things

Starbucks comes to my neighborhood just as I ship out:

Elfburns as they should be

5) Job Opportunity of the Week

Poster: "Hey all. I did a dumb thing and took a bong hit at a party last weekend. The THC will be undetectable in my urine in a couple weeks (not a habitual user), but I am unclear as to how long it takes to dissipate from my blood."

User 1: I formerly worked the federal probation as well as state and federal halfway houses and have never heard of any way to "clean" or "mask" your urine sample other than the urine not being yours. Good luck, but don't believe the hype of these masking agents-a total waste of money. Now, bring on the, "BS... I used X Y and Z and I passed the p iss test," comments. I have personally conducted hundreds of UAs and think I have seen just about everything...

User 2: (to user 1) Obviously you were getting fooled then. There are plently of testimonies on the internet of people passing the tests after taking cleansing drinks. They do work.




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