Mar. 9th, 2008 07:07 pm Seoul Survivors: Podcast #57


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1) Introduction

Snack of the week

3) Engrish Tshirt Finds

dipa: the ajumma spinning disk park workout now for home use:

Halmoni shoving the bride out of the way
(Got to wait until about the 43 second mark)

Comment on Dave's about weddings:

In order of importance:
1. Groom's Mother
2. Groom
3. Buffet
4. Old fart doing the ceremony
5. Guests
6. Girl operating the dry ice machine
7. People who wander in the back for the next wedding

Jennifer's Waegook tshirts

All of our shirts are made in Korea. After we receive your order, we take whichever shirt you selected to our printing studio. Mr. Kim (we're assuming that is his name, 1:5 chance we are right) then individually crafts each design. We stand behind our quality 100%.


Claymation ajumma:

The mustache guy:

Kinki robot

Deeping sauce




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